Katoen Natie Ghana Ltd. offers its soft commodity customers an all-in-one logistics service in the world’s second largest cocoa producing country. Katoen Natie Ghana employs 380 staff on three sites and has built a long experience with regard to handling, storage and stevedoring of cocoa beans in bulk. At its 20.000 m² own warehouse in the port of Takoradi, Katoen Natie Ghana receives cocoa beans in bags, provides sampling and superintendence, offers storage in bags or bulk and renders stevedoring services into megabulk vessels or container vessels at its own berth. At the port of Tema, Katoen Natie Ghana offers collateral management as well as supervision services to major soft commodity traders. In Kumasi, Katoen Natie Ghana is the exclusive LSP for one of Ghana’s major cocoa grinding plants.

Katoen Natie Ghana Ltd. is a Free Trade Zone company, established and operating under the 1995 Ghana Free Zones Act 504.

Katoen Natie locations in Ghana: