Katoen Natie starts construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub in Singapore.

This new investment will create more solutions and more capacity for Specialty Chemicals companies.

New services for specialty chemicals companies in Singapore

In the presence of the Ambassador of Belgium to Singapore, Mr. Andy Detaille, Katoen Natie had a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub on 31st August 2017.  Koen Cardon, CEO of Katoen Natie Singapore, commented, “This investment represents a significant step change in the services we offer to Specialty Chemical companies. As Singapore is moving towards more production of high end products, we are expanding our facilities to offer our key customers more solutions and more capacity.”

Logistics and semi industrial services

At its Jurong Logistics Terminal, Katoen Natie is providing a wide range of logistics and semi industrial services to a portfolio of global customers. With extensive know how in handling solids in powder or granular form and liquids, Katoen Natie offers solutions such as repackaging, sieving, grinding, blending, optical sorting, homogenization, compounding, customizing, compaction and granulation, deodorizing, drying, heating, pastillation and ISO tank operations.
Mr. Detaille, Ambassador of Belgium, highlighted, “It is great to see that Katoen Natie continues to invest in Singapore. They are a strong representative of what Belgium can offer in logistics, industrial services and innovative solutions.”

Total solutions

Koen Cardon added, “our chemical customers are looking for total solutions that require highly skilled operators and services at the highest standards of Safety, Quality and Environment. With some 165 logistics terminals worldwide and in depth know how of product handling, we can offer our customers the services they are looking for. We continue to innovate to develop solutions for our customers that can help them to make the difference”.

The Phase II Specialty Chemicals Hub facility will include silos for specialty chemical products, packaging lines and auxiliary equipment for dry air, product conveying and de-dusting. This 15 million Singapore Dollars investment will be operational in December 2018.

Learn about the services Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals offers to its clients all over the world

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  • 15.02.18
    Important: Phishing attempt via Katoen Natie e-mail address
    Scammers are illegally using a Katoen Natie email address to send out false e-mails. Both companies and individuals did receive emails which did contain either a ,fake ,unpaid invoice, or a link to an already paid invoice. DO NOT click on the attachment or link, as you would be redirected to criminal website. Katoen Natie explicitly asks you not to open the attachment or the link, because they could also contain malware. This technique is also called ‘phishing’ where scammers try to get hold of (‘fish for’) the password or payments from companies or individuals. Katoen Natie has filed a complaint with the local police authorities as well as with the Cyber Emergency Repsonse Team (CERT.BE) of the Belgian federal government. Protection of personal data of our customers and employees is a matter of utmost importance for Katoen Natie and we do take all possible measures to avoid fraud or abuse , but for this type of criminality we can only inform and educate as prevention is impossible . We do apologize for any inconvenience that could occur completely outside our will. [DUTCH] Belangrijk: Poging tot phishing via Katoen Natie e-mail Update 15/02/2018: Sinds woensdag 31/01/2018 worden er nog steeds emails verstuurd vanuit een vals Katoen Natie email adres. Oplichters hebben een e-mailadres van Katoen Natie misbruikt en sturen met de vermelding van ons adres nog steeds valse emails uit. Verschillende mensen / bedrijven kregen reeds een e-mail, met ofwel in bijlage facturen die zogezegd nog betaald moeten worden, ofwel met een link verwijzend naar een reeds betaalde factuur. Gelieve niet op die betrokken link te klikken gezien men doorgestuurd wordt naar een frauduleuze website. Katoen Natie vraagt dan ook met aandrang om de bijlage of de link niet te openen, gezien deze mogelijks ook malware kan bevatten. Deze techniek , ook wel ‘phishing’ genoemd is een manier waarop criminelen als het ware ‘vissen’ naar frauduleuze betalingen of paswoord van andere personen of bedrijven. Katoen Natie heeft voor deze zaak reeds een klacht ingediend bij zowel de lokale politie alsook bij het Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT.BE) van de Belgische Federale overheid. Katoen Natie stelt de bescherming van persoonsgegevens van klanten en medewerkers voorop en neemt dan ook alle noodzakelijke maatregelen om fraude of misbruik te voorkomen , doch voor dergelijke praktijken kan men enkel sensibiliseren, gezien preventie /voorkomen onmogelijk is Wij verontschuldigen ons voor elk mogelijke ongemak het welke, volledig buiten onze wil om, in deze zou kunnen ontstaan.
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  • 04.01.18
    Construction of six wind turbines at Katoen Natie, Loghidden City, Kallo
    Katoen Natie recently developed a 216 hectare site into an active logistics park. The area is used as a 23 MW PV plant, and now has six wind turbines with a height of 185 meters each on the limited available surface. Contribution to a sustainable environment The turbines, with a total installed capacity of 19 MW, generate about 52 GWh per year. This comes down to the yearly electricity consumption of 13.000 households. In combination with the solar panels, Katoen Natie utilizes its assets as sustainable as possible, contributing to limit CO2 emission and helping to achieve the climate targets. Partnerships in creating green energy In order to exploit a wind farm, a strict 24/7 follow-up by highly trained people and highly professional equipment is required. There we found a partnership with EDF Luminus, who is the largest windmill constructor in Belgium. Together with their manufacturer, they built six high-tech wind turbines on Loghidden City. This project is EDF Luminus’ largest one ever executed on an industrial site. A challenge One of the key requirements was to keep the site operational during the construction period. The terminal is very active, as hundreds of trucks are loaded and unloaded every day. In order to meet this requirement the largest components were delivered only just in time, and were transported during night on trailers of up to 66 meters long. In addition, the wind turbine foundations are located very close to the warehouses, which causes the least obstruction. Inauguration On December 14 2017, Deputy prime minister and minister of Employment, Economy and Consumer Affairs Kris Peeters inaugurated the six windturbines. Watch the video: construction of wind turbines at Katoen Natie Kallo
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  • 01.12.17
    Katoen Natie breaks ground on Dallas plastic packaging facility
    Warehouse space with railroad access Upon start-up, the facility will have at least 250,000 square feet of warehouse space that may expand to up to 2.5MM square feet of space as warranted by market conditions. The space will have direct railroad acces, served by Union Pacific. Scheduled for completion in the third quarter 2018, this facility will become Katoen Natie's 20th NAFTA location. Producers will ship bulk railcars of plastic resin pellets to the warehouse where the pellets will be packaged and loaded into intermodal containers. After a short trip to the adjacent intermodal terminal, Union Pacific's Dallas to Dock service will transport the containers to ocean ports via premium intermodal service. Container availability "We are committed to providing service solutions to the petrochemical industry", said Kenny Rocker, Union Pacific Vice President & General Manager - Industrial. "Katoen Natie's Dallas location alligns with container availability, a core need of our customer base. From Dallas, Union Pacific's premium intermodal services deliver to the West Coast where producers are able to export to global destinations." "The Dallas facility will assist our customers in diversifying their export channels to global markets", said Frank Vingerhoets, President of Katoen Natie USA. Read more about it here
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  • 17.11.17
    Katoen Natie and Allied launch SuperTruck concept in Singapore
    Katoen Natie and Allied are launching its SuperTruck concept in Singapore for transport between chemical plants, our own logistics terminal and Singapore container terminals. We will introduce SuperTrucks that carry two 40 foot or four 20 foot containers. Transport solutions of the future Katoen Natie Singapore chief executive Koen Cardon highlights; “ We are continuously looking for innovative and new solutions to optimize our logistics operations. We work with our business partners to introduce new solutions to increase productivity and efficiency. We have been working closely with Allied to implement this SuperTruck concept whereby they have demonstrated entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.   Shortage of drivers is a real challenge in Singapore and we need such innovative solutions to address this." Lim Kian Chin, chief executive of Allied ; “ We have been servicing Katoen Natie in Singapore for more than a decade and highly value the partnership with them as they continue to work with us on improving the service level and solutions. It is important that we work on the transport solutions of the future. “ Andrew McKeown, Katoen Natie ISO Tank Operations regional manager commented, “When it comes to innovation, the execution is far more valuable than theory alone. We must be bold and look to deliver value. Partners such as Allied and the Singapore Government allow us just that in our journey to service our customers better and all be prepared for future growth.” Innovation projects Katoen Natie and Allied are working with the Singapore Government Authorities on the certifications and operational framework for the SuperTruck. Koen Cardon; “This is one of the many innovation projects we are currently working on. Katoen Natie has a strong engineering division in material handling solutions what allows us to be at the forefront in innovation.” Katoen Natie launched in October 2017 the first driverless truck in Singapore and is looking to expand the fleet of driverless vehicles. Find out what Katoen Natie can do for your business.
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