Katoen Natie Rivalta Scrivia

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Katoen Natie Rivalta Scrivia

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About Rivalta

Founded in 1960 in Rivalta-Tortona (AL), a strategic position to serve Northern and Central Italy. Its proximity to the Ligurian ports makes it their natural and logical access to the Pianura Padana area, as well as to South-Western Europe.

Katoen Natie Rivalta is the second biggest logistics platform of Katoen Natie since 2012. This site is active in Business Units like Consumer Goods, General Cargo & Commodities and Food & Feed.



  • 50 years experience

    Active since the sixties

  • 1.500.000 m² total surface

    525.000 m² covered warehouses

  • Company

    Privately owned

  • Active Business Units

    Consumer Goods, General Cargo & Commodities and Food & Feed

  • Operations

    Working with direct employees

  • Types of warehouses

    Bonded, unbonded, Under VAT/excises suspension, Fresh/frozen/controlled atmosphere/bio products, ADR, HACCP

  • Intermodality

    Direct connections to Ligurian ports (Genova, La Spezia, Vado Ligure)

  • Quality certifications

    ISO9001-15; ISO14001-15; ISO 22000-05; IT-BIO-007; SQAS; AEO-C

  • Potential trucks

    1000 trucks / day

Value proposition of Katoen Natie Rivalta

Katoen Natie it is located in a perfect location for:

  • big import flows (of containers)
  • huge capacity of this site, this meaning elasticity of volumes
  • utmost flexibility (direct employees in a multi-customer site)

 and might be considered to become:

  • a Distribution Centre for the Italian/South European markets
  • an Import platform to replenish Italian/not Italian Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs)
  • a combination of both options
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Katoen Natie Rivalta / Interporto Rivalta Scrivia S.p.A.

Strada Comunale Savonesa 12/16
15057 Fraz. Rivalta Scrivia / Tortona (AL)

salesrivalta@katoennatie.com +39-0131-827-5743 / +39-0131-827-4644 / +39-0131-827-7176 Find a location