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About Katoen Natie Seingbouse

Our site, Logifare, was created in 1997 in Seingbouse, in eastern France : we are located in a strategic area, that gives us a direct access to main roads in order to deliver France, Germany & Benelux.

We can currently offer a storage capacity of 30 000 m² with an opportunity to build an extra 50 000 m² in the future. On this multi customer site, Katoen Natie optimizes the use of its storage capacity and offers great flexibility to its customers.
We offer our logistic services in following business units: consumer & industrial goods, petrochemicals and cleaning and storage in silos.


  • Warehouse capacity

    30 000 m² operated, expansion possibilities of 50 000 m²

  • Operations

    Working with +250 employees

  • Connectivity

    Direct connections to main roads (A4, A31, A33, 6, 8, 1)

Value proposition of Seingbouse

Multi-customer platform enables Katoen Natie to create synergies between different operations on the same site. Not only synergies in terms of productive personnel, but also in terms of equipment, ICT, and management team. Because of the different types of operations on these multi-customer site, Katoen Natie succeeds in optimizing the use of the surface and the warehouses. The use of our own WMS system for most operations on the same site (and also worldwide) enables a smooth and flexible start-up of new operations.

A solid base of skilled labour is available in the area. Katoen Natie employs almost 180 people at this site. Our operations are staffed with well-trained permanent and temporary employees, who can switch from one operation to another in order to manage the various peaks.


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