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* This discount code can only be used to purchase the Katoen Natie Winter & Summer package

What is my size?

Katoen Natie Summer & Winter package

You can choose for a men’s or women’s summer & winter package. This includes:

  • shirt with short sleeves
  • short pants
  • vest mid-season with long sleeves
  • long pants
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What about the quality?

SPORTLINE is designed to give a slight compression effect to provide a tight fit that moves with your body while performing. SP.L high quality fabrics and patterns are cut ergonomically to perfectly clone the shape and movements of a cyclist in the riding position. Each product detail is carefully executed enhancing the performance and riding experience. The idea is to forget about what you’re wearing and focus on the ride. The SP.L collection benefits from the incredible amount of professional research and testing that goes into Vermarc’s premium collections.
Performance. Comfort.

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Want some more cycling gear?

In addition, you can also add the following items to your cycling wear:

  • windproof sleeveless jacket
  • vest winter long sleeves
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What if you are located outside Belgium?

For now, it is not possible to ship outside Belgium due to customs formalities.