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The heliport is situated in the middle of the port of Antwerp on the leftbank. It is easily accessible via road (R2) and via the river Scheldt (De Waterbus) which offers visitors easy liaison to the Netherlands, Ghent and the citycenter of Antwerp.

The location in the port provides not only much advantages for business like seminar-and meetingfacilities but also for leasure activities in the direct vicinity such as restaurants, golfcourse and museums.

The heliport is built on the remnants of an old fort that dates back to the 16th century and was demolished for the expansion of the port in the 1960’s. Find out more about Fort De Perel and the fortifications of Antwerp

Pilot Info Heliport

  • ICAO identifier EBHF
  • Coordinates: 511608N0041745E
  • Dimensions: 24 mtr diameter
  • Slope: < 2 %
  • MTOW : 15.000 kg
  • Fuel available: AVGAS & JET-A1
  • Parking: 3 to 5 in hangar – 5 to 8 outside
  • Surface: CONC
  • Opening hours: 24H (PPR)
  • PPR by telephone / email: +32 3 570.43.39 / Helifort.Deperel@Katoennatie.com
  • Freq: no radio
  • AIP DATAhttps://ops.skeyes.be/html/belgocontrol_static/eaip/eAIP_Main/html/index-en-GB.html
  • Payments: by invoice
  • Address: HeliFort De Perel, Kaai 1548, Ketenislaan 1, 9130 Kallo

Flight services

We can offer all kind of helicopter services via Helimo NV – http://helimo.be

We can find you the best solution if you are looking for:

  • Pleasure flights
  • Sightseeing flights
  • Aerial work (film, photography, cargo sling, inspection flight, etc.)
  • VIP flights
  • Training (yearly checks, type ratings, PPL(H), etc)
  • Rental and sales
  • Events (for family, friends or business relations)



Ground services

  • Outside training area (on request)

Do you wish to train student pilots without having to worry about owner permisson, noise abatement, populated areas? At 2 minutes from our facility and out of Antwerp CTR we have a grass field of 300 meters in length where you can do all the training you require without worries. The area is agricultural and free of obstacles.


  • Inflight catering (on request)

We can order beverages and sandwiches for in flight catering at a nearby quality restaurant.


  • Lunch on the ground (on request)

For pilots who are flying all day and looking to have a quick bite during a refueling stop we can order beverages, sandwiches, salads and pastas. The crew room is also equipped to heat own snacks.




Drone directives

We are in the vicinity of EBR 54 with significant drone activity.

See AIP – ENR 5 Navigation Warnings https://ops.skeyes.be/html/belgocontrol_static/eaip/eAIP_Main/html/index-en-GB.html

For the latest information, please send a consultation to this email address: Helifort.Deperel@Katoennatie.com

Heliport Fees

All prices are subject to VAT (21%).

       Taxi or shuttle-service                   o/r
               Car/bike rental                   o/r
          Tailor made catering                   o/r
   Meeting or seminar facilities                   o/r
                 VIP area                   o/r
       Pilot lounge and shower                   o/r
         Outside training area                   o/r

General Info

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Helifort De Perel

Helifort De Perel
K1548 - Burcht Singelberg
Ketenislaan 1
BE - 9130, Kallo

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