Importing your US produced chemicals into Europe?

Take a look how Katoen Natie can add value to your supply chain

As a global leading logistics company, we are proud to offer top-quality warehousing and repacking services in the US and Europe. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced teams, we can handle all of your chemicals with precision and care.

Our repacking services will help you streamline your supply chain and improve efficiency on a global scale. We offer a solution for importing your goods from the US into Europe in which we receive hopper cars in the US through our in-house railway network and transfer the product into sea bulk containers.

When the containers arrive in Europe, we are able to organize the shuttle transport, storage and repacking activities customized according to your needs.

Exporting your products in bulk will help you increase the payload. Also, you might benefit by postponing your packaging decision to a later stage in the supply chain.

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