Bulk storage Hub North Italy

Your smart logistics sugar Hub In Southern Europe

Katoen Natie is the preferred logistics service provider for leading companies in the food and feed industry.
In Rivalta (Northern Italy), we offer flexible and sustainable supply chain services to sugar producers and processors.
Its unique position close to the Ligurian ports with high accessibility to Rail & Road makes it a perfect import/export HUB for Italy as well as for Southern-Central Europe

Bulk storage battery of 6 silos

  • Capacity of each silos 500m³
  • Tipper frame to unload bulk (liner) containers in a fully enclosed space
  • Inside Silo truck loading station
  • Magnet, sieve and lump grinder



Sustainable Supply Chain Solution

Strategic location: Rivalta

  • Import non-EU sugar > containers from Ligurian ports (La Spezia, Genova, Vado) by rail to Rivalta
  • EU sugar via trucks / block trains to Rivalta
  • Delivery to sugar processors in South Europe > by silo truck or train


  • 100% rail transport possible
  • Energy neutral warehouses (solar panels)


"Our Italian facility is ideally located to deliver to the industry leaders of the sugar processing market"

Yannick Lembrechts

Commercial Manager Katoen Natie Food and Feed

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