Twintag - Digital solutions for physical products

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Twintag - Digital solutions for physical products

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Our next step in innovation

Did you know Katoen Natie can help accelerating your digital transformation?

With our partner Twintag, we let you talk to your customers in a leading fashion. Twintag operates a software that elevates your physical product by adding a highly personalized digital experience.

This way, companies can save costs while getting ahead of their industry.


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Your product as a communication channel

Communicating with customers might sometimes be inefficient and time consuming. In many cases, customers do not know where to find the information and traditional tools, such as customer portals, e-mails and physical paperwork, are used. With Twintag, your product can do the communication for you.

Twintag provides a simple tag on your product that brings every smartphone to the most relevant information instantly. No software or app installation needed.

Reduce costs and think sustainable

“Twintags” have the ability to adapt to any context (location, language, customer, legislation…) in which they are scanned. E.g. the same label scanned in Europe will behave differently when being scanned in India.

This innovation dramatically changes the way companies could operate in logistics. We can reduce the costs of adding extra labels to almost zero while contributing to our sustainability agenda (printing less labels).

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Simplify traceability - Track your products through the supply chain with geo mapping:

Leading Polymer Producer : “Our pilot project in Houston confirmed that Twintag's platform is a solid basis for our digital ambitions. The new strategic partnership with Katoen Natie can now also create the scale to work with us globally”

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