Twintag - Our Connected Products Platform

Twintag - Our Connected Products Platform

Twintag operates a SaaS platform that elevates your physical products and assets by adding a highly personalized digital experience. Thanks to our know-how in logistics and engineering and through our close partnership, we deliver end-to-end Twintag solutions to our customers.


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Why choose Twintag

With Twintag, we revolutionize how your products and assets interact with their environment. We envision a future where every product and asset is connected, offering easy access to its entire digital life via QR, NFC, RFID, or IoT. This connectivity not only enables users to retrieve information but also facilitates communication back to all stakeholders in the product lifecycle. Experience a multitude of benefits across various industries with our powerful Connected-Products-Platform.

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • streamline supply chain
  • Make sustainability visible
  • Communicate with end-customers
  • Protect against counterfeit
  • Manage compliance

Enhance Your Product with a Digital Fingerprint

Twintag provides a simple tag – a “twintag” –  on your product or asset that brings every smartphone to the most relevant information instantly. No software or app installation needed.

Our Enterprise-ready SaaS platform efficiently manages billions of twintags at scale, each representing a context-aware digital twin personalized based on persona, time, and location. These tags are scannable by both users, using QR codes with your smartphone’s camera, and machines. Our expert team ensures a quick transition from initial value to a comprehensive end-to-end solution in just a matter of days.

How to get started?

  1. Add a twintag to your products
    Connect your products to a cloud with technologies like QR codes
  2. Create a digital experience
    Build and deploy dynamic digital experiences in the Twintag Admin Portal
  3. Get insights from the data
    Derrive actionable product insights to reach your business goals
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