Warehousing Dutch Limburg

The missing link in your supply chain.

Are you looking for warehouse facilities that can optimize your logistic flow and get your business closer to your clients in the German and Eastern European markets?

We are here for you!

Enjoy our Limburg logistics

Next to our warehouses in the Port of Antwerp, we offer you warehouse facilities and services to your needs in Limburg, the Netherlands.

  • Strategic location

Located close to Rhür, Rhine area and Central Europe, a guarantee for on time delivery and excellent customer service.

  • Good connectivity

The Barge Terminal Born offers a direct and smooth connection between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. 

  • Topnotch warehousing

All space and facilities you need to store and handle your goods the best way possible.

"The Limburg warehouses are the perfect gateway to supply your customers in Central and Eastern Europe."

Stefaan Vanhoutte

Operations Director Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals

Take a look at what we can offer!

Barge your goods to Dutch Limburg and avoid congested areas in ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. This location will be the perfect gateway for your logistics towards your customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

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