Your liquid product is our business

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Your liquid product is our business

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Who we are

Katoen Natie offers total solutions for specialty chemical producers, based on semi-industrial and engineering services. In addition to storage and handling we take care of all the value added services for your product, from blending and demetalizing to repackaging and optical sorting, and everything in between. In fact, we can manage your logistics and provide all the semi-industrial services that you need. So you can concentrate on your core business: your product. You benefit from having all these services under one roof, with a single partner to deal with, all over the world.

On 06.09.2018, Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals organized its first dedicated Liquids Event! The specialized team gave insight in our services for handling liquids throughout the logistics chain. During this inspiring day, leading players in the chemical industry could discover the various possibilities we offer at our liquid handling terminals. Watch the after movie and get an insight yourself.


As a semi-industrial service provider, storage stays one of Katoen Natie’s core competences. This includes not only the physical storage but also the administrative processing. We position ourselves as a capacity provider, but we can accommodate smaller flows as well. Our transport and distribution systems merge seamlessly with your production flows and help to streamline your supply chain. In some cases we can even interface between your ERP and our Warehouse Management System.

All kind of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids can be stored in our tailor-made warehouses in several configurations (cans, drums, IBCs…). Besides the storage in our warehouses, a large fleet of ISO-tank containers is available for flexible storage of liquids. The necessary surrounding infrastructure is available as well.

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We optimize your flows of chemical liquids by implementing our high-tech drumming service.

We are able to handle any type of liquid, including:

  • biodiesel
  • surfactants
  • polyols
  • lubricants
  • resins
  • herbicides
  • pesticides

and many more.

With our different semi-automated and automated filling lines we can repack your liquid products in almost any configuration, ranging from the smallest cans up to large bulk flows.

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Filling of cans is one of our core businesses. With different automated and semi-automated filling machines, we can fill out of IBC or tank container to 40ml bottles up to 5L bottles. Our machines are all equipped with tools to close the bottles with caps, providing them with front- and backlabels and print the necessary information on the bottle and boxes.

Thanks to our experienced operators and quality system, we can assure you receive the highest service level.

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ISO tank container operations

Katoen Natie operates its own fleet of more than 1,400 tank containers. With offices in Antwerp, Houston and Singapore and a worldwide network of agents we are a NVOCC provider of tailor-made, global, door-to-door, bulk chemical forwarding services.

Tank Container Operations
Our staff is highly experienced in forwarding activities and hazardous cargo transport. We can provide extensive technical advice on the optimal handling and shipping of your chemical liquids. With our worldwide network of test, repair and cleaning stations, and hauliers, we organize intermodal transport, export & import shipments as well as document control to a high level of customer satisfaction. Alternative methods of transport, such as flexibags, can be organized upon request.

The High Heat expert
Our fleet is designed to cater to extensive high heating requirements. The tanks range in design temperature from 150 to 200 °C, ideal for transporting viscous liquids with high melting point or liquids that solidify at ambient temperature.

Fleet management services
Thanks to our expertise we can act as your partner in providing fleet management services. By organizing the loading, discharging, repair, cleaning, document control and forwarding we optimize your fleet condition and utilization.

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Recently, Katoen Natie invested in a heating installation in Kallo, Antwerp. This investment doubles our capacity and offers the possibility to heat ISO tank containers with steam at various pressures, hot water and electricity.

All heating spots are equipped with temperature logging to provide accurate read outs of the heating process. Besides this, we are able to heat your products in drums or IBC’s in one of our hotboxes, reaching temperatures up to 90°C.

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You need a homogeneous product as raw material in your production process or to blend products for your end customer, and you don’t want to include this in your core business. Here Katoen Natie can be your partner. Starting from liquids, or liquids and solids, we can produce the requested blends. Raw materials can be processed under ambient temperature or preheated. Nitrogen coverage during the process is possible as well. Depending on the recipes we differentiate between:

    • Solutions
    • Dilutions
    • Dispersions
    • Pastes

For all of them particular equipment is available ranging from batch blenders to in-line blending technique. Volume-wise we can handle anything from small batches up to ISO tank level. Moreover the blends can be filled directly into the preferred recipient (small packaging, drums, IBCs, ISO tank, etc.).

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In order to optimize your flows of chemical liquids, we can transfer your liquids between different types of units. This includes transfer from drums and IBC into ISO tanks, from ISO tanks into ISO trailers and the other way around.

Transloading takes place in a contained environment. Before or after transloading, and depending on your particular needs, you can take advantage of our tank yard and warehouses to store your products.


For certain sensitive applications, your product may require an enhanced purity level. Katoen Natie can use filtration systems in our liquid handling services to remove impurities.

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10 January 2019
Reforesting project Brazil completed
Katoen Natie entered in a partnership with environmental authorities and a local sugar cane plantation, who provided a 57 hectares area around a natural lake. The project involved the plantation of over 100.000 seedlings and maintenance during a period of 5 years. The goal was a 95% survival rate at the end of this period. Despite a very tough first year with an extensive drought period that caused over 50% of the seedlings not surviving, we can proudly confirm to have achieved our target! This project has resulted not only in creating a natural lung, but also in providing a new home to several species of wildlife, such as birds, capybaras and even an occasional jaguar, and new vegetation.
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14 November 2018
Grand opening of new plastics packaging facility in Hutchins, Texas, USA
Katoen Natie is proud to announce the opening of our new plastics packaging facility in Hutchins, Texas. Along with the Union Pacific Railroad, Katoen Natie held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our new plastics packaging facility in the Prime Pointe Industrial Park just outside Dallas. The facility features 262.000 square feet of warehouse space, 220 hopper car spots and a high-speed FFS packagine line (270KTA capacity). The property can support expansions to upwards of 2,5 million square feet, 700 hopper car spots and over 1 million tons of packaging capacity per year. The location will enable our customers to diversify export channels to global markets utilizing the Dallas-to-Dock intermodal service.  This site will also allow our customers to ship up to 25.5 metric tons per 40’ container, which is an added benefit! Katoen Natie North America President Frank Vingerhoets adds: ”With this new Dallas-to-Dock location we continue to expand our local and international network of logistic hubs. It will provide our customers an alternative export solution and a back up to their current export flows.”
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21 September 2018
Liquids Event - September 2018


During this day, you got an insight in our possibilities for handling liquids throughout the whole logistics chain. Do you have a specific question or need, please feel free to contact your account manager or us at Your numerous attendance made our Liquids Event a successful networking happening. Here you will find an impression of the day.
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04 January 2018
Construction of six wind turbines at Katoen Natie, Loghidden City, Kallo
Katoen Natie recently developed a 216 hectare site into an active logistics park. The area is used as a 23 MW PV plant, and now has six wind turbines with a height of 185 meters each on the limited available surface. Contribution to a sustainable environment The turbines, with a total installed capacity of 19 MW, generate about 52 GWh per year. This comes down to the yearly electricity consumption of 13.000 households. In combination with the solar panels, Katoen Natie utilizes its assets as sustainable as possible, contributing to limit CO2 emission and helping to achieve the climate targets. Partnerships in creating green energy In order to exploit a wind farm, a strict 24/7 follow-up by highly trained people and highly professional equipment is required. There we found a partnership with EDF Luminus, who is the largest windmill constructor in Belgium. Together with their manufacturer, they built six high-tech wind turbines on Loghidden City. This project is EDF Luminus’ largest one ever executed on an industrial site. A challenge One of the key requirements was to keep the site operational during the construction period. The terminal is very active, as hundreds of trucks are loaded and unloaded every day. In order to meet this requirement the largest components were delivered only just in time, and were transported during night on trailers of up to 66 meters long. In addition, the wind turbine foundations are located very close to the warehouses, which causes the least obstruction. Inauguration On December 14 2017, Deputy prime minister and minister of Employment, Economy and Consumer Affairs Kris Peeters inaugurated the six windturbines. Watch the video: construction of wind turbines at Katoen Natie Kallo
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Dallas plastics packaging facility
01 December 2017
Katoen Natie breaks ground on Dallas plastic packaging facility
Warehouse space with railroad access Upon start-up, the facility will have at least 250,000 square feet of warehouse space that may expand to up to 2.5MM square feet of space as warranted by market conditions. The space will have direct railroad acces, served by Union Pacific. Scheduled for completion in the third quarter 2018, this facility will become Katoen Natie's 20th NAFTA location. Producers will ship bulk railcars of plastic resin pellets to the warehouse where the pellets will be packaged and loaded into intermodal containers. After a short trip to the adjacent intermodal terminal, Union Pacific's Dallas to Dock service will transport the containers to ocean ports via premium intermodal service. Container availability "We are committed to providing service solutions to the petrochemical industry", said Kenny Rocker, Union Pacific Vice President & General Manager - Industrial. "Katoen Natie's Dallas location alligns with container availability, a core need of our customer base. From Dallas, Union Pacific's premium intermodal services deliver to the West Coast where producers are able to export to global destinations." "The Dallas facility will assist our customers in diversifying their export channels to global markets", said Frank Vingerhoets, President of Katoen Natie USA. Read more about it here
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