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Your liquid product is our business

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Who we are

Katoen Natie offers total solutions for specialty chemical producers, based on semi-industrial and engineering services. In addition to storage and handling we take care of all the value added services for your product, from blending and demetalizing to repackaging and optical sorting, and everything in between. In fact, we can manage your logistics and provide all the semi-industrial services that you need. So you can concentrate on your core business: your product. You benefit from having all these services under one roof, with a single partner to deal with, all over the world.

On 06.09.2018, Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals organized its first dedicated Liquids Event! The specialized team gave insight in our services for handling liquids throughout the logistics chain. During this inspiring day, leading players in the chemical industry could discover the various possibilities we offer at our liquid handling terminals. Watch the after movie and get an insight yourself.


As a semi-industrial service provider, storage stays one of Katoen Natie’s core competences. This includes not only the physical storage but also the administrative processing. We position ourselves as a capacity provider, but we can accommodate smaller flows as well. Our transport and distribution systems merge seamlessly with your production flows and help to streamline your supply chain. In some cases we can even interface between your ERP and our Warehouse Management System.

All kind of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids can be stored in our tailor-made warehouses in several configurations (cans, drums, IBCs…). Besides the storage in our warehouses, a large fleet of ISO-tank containers is available for flexible storage of liquids. The necessary surrounding infrastructure is available as well.

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We optimize your flows of chemical liquids by implementing our high-tech drumming service.

We are able to handle any type of liquid, including:

  • biodiesel
  • surfactants
  • polyols
  • lubricants
  • resins
  • herbicides
  • pesticides

and many more.

With our different semi-automated and automated filling lines we can repack your liquid products in almost any configuration, ranging from the smallest cans up to large bulk flows.

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Filling of cans is one of our core businesses. With different automated and semi-automated filling machines, we can fill out of IBC or tank container to 40ml bottles up to 5L bottles. Our machines are all equipped with tools to close the bottles with caps, providing them with front- and backlabels and print the necessary information on the bottle and boxes.

Thanks to our experienced operators and quality system, we can assure you receive the highest service level.

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ISO tank container operations

Katoen Natie operates its own fleet of more than 1,400 tank containers. With offices in Antwerp, Houston and Singapore and a worldwide network of agents we are a NVOCC provider of tailor-made, global, door-to-door, bulk chemical forwarding services.

Tank Container Operations
Our staff is highly experienced in forwarding activities and hazardous cargo transport. We can provide extensive technical advice on the optimal handling and shipping of your chemical liquids. With our worldwide network of test, repair and cleaning stations, and hauliers, we organize intermodal transport, export & import shipments as well as document control to a high level of customer satisfaction. Alternative methods of transport, such as flexibags, can be organized upon request.

The High Heat expert
Our fleet is designed to cater to extensive high heating requirements. The tanks range in design temperature from 150 to 200 °C, ideal for transporting viscous liquids with high melting point or liquids that solidify at ambient temperature.

Fleet management services
Thanks to our expertise we can act as your partner in providing fleet management services. By organizing the loading, discharging, repair, cleaning, document control and forwarding we optimize your fleet condition and utilization.

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Recently, Katoen Natie invested in a heating installation in Kallo, Antwerp. This investment doubles our capacity and offers the possibility to heat ISO tank containers with steam at various pressures, hot water and electricity.

All heating spots are equipped with temperature logging to provide accurate read outs of the heating process. Besides this, we are able to heat your products in drums or IBC’s in one of our hotboxes, reaching temperatures up to 90°C.

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You need a homogeneous product as raw material in your production process or to blend products for your end customer, and you don’t want to include this in your core business. Here Katoen Natie can be your partner. Starting from liquids, or liquids and solids, we can produce the requested blends. Raw materials can be processed under ambient temperature or preheated. Nitrogen coverage during the process is possible as well. Depending on the recipes we differentiate between:

    • Solutions
    • Dilutions
    • Dispersions
    • Pastes

For all of them particular equipment is available ranging from batch blenders to in-line blending technique. Volume-wise we can handle anything from small batches up to ISO tank level. Moreover the blends can be filled directly into the preferred recipient (small packaging, drums, IBCs, ISO tank, etc.).

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In order to optimize your flows of chemical liquids, we can transfer your liquids between different types of units. This includes transfer from drums and IBC into ISO tanks, from ISO tanks into ISO trailers and the other way around.

Transloading takes place in a contained environment. Before or after transloading, and depending on your particular needs, you can take advantage of our tank yard and warehouses to store your products.


For certain sensitive applications, your product may require an enhanced purity level. Katoen Natie can use filtration systems in our liquid handling services to remove impurities.

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03 March 2021
Katoen Natie will invest approximately 455 million USD in the expansion of the container terminal (TCP) in Montevideo.
INVESTMENT PROJECT Last week, Katoen Natie and the Uruguayan Government reached an agreement for a new additional investment in the Port of Montevideo.  This investment project represents the maximum expansion of the concession area, including the construction of a second container yard of approximately 22 hectares in addition to the existing area, and a second quay wall of 700 mts long, dredged to fourteen meters in depth. At the two quay walls, together 1,300 meters, the company will be able to handle four container ships simultaneously, with in time 12 to 15 ultramodern ship-to-shore gantry cranes and 50 straddle carriers (and / or rubber tyred gantry cranes). The new container terminal will have the capacity to load and unload more than 2.5 million TEU per year. The execution of the project will begin immediately and will create many direct and indirect employment opportunities. After the project is completed, the Port of Montevideo will have a ”state-of-the-art” Specialized Container Terminal, which will more than double its annual capacity and will allow TCP to operate the last generation of container vessels (400m). This capacity increase and the concentration of container operations shall improve operational efficiency and reduce container costs, which will place Montevideo in a privileged position on the trade lanes of transit and transshipment containerized cargo. This new agreement allows Katoen Natie to make – for the second time - the biggest investment in the history of the Port of Montevideo, and will be the driving force for Uruguay to strengthen the strategic position of its main regional port terminal as a supplier of efficient port services, making it a reference for the port system of the Southern Cone of South America. “Terminal Cuenca del Plata is already the most efficient container terminal in South America, but with this new investment we are now positioning the terminal as an indispensable link in the list of the most important hub ports in the continent, and, at the same time, making the terminal more attractive for Uruguayan exporters”, explains Vincent Vandecauter, CEO of TCP.  “This enormous commitment confirms our trust in Uruguay as an investment country and one-of--the-places-to-be, and in the Port of Montevideo as an excellent logistics hub”, says Karl Huts, director of Katoen Natie Group.   KATOEN NATIE AND ORIENTAL REPUBLIC OF URUGUAY  Katoen Natie and the Oriental Republic of Uruguay met for the first time in the year 1996, when Katoen Natie first invested in Uruguay, purchasing part of the shares of Zonamerica. Since the very beginning, Katoen Natie was most confident in the success of offering logistics services through the Free Trade Zone system, and soon after decided to also invest in Costa Oriental. The following years confirmed to Katoen Natie that its trust in the potential and stability of Uruguay was well founded, and this was the basis for strategic decisions and more ambitious projects, which prompted Katoen Natie to make a strong commitment towards the country and its future. In 2001 Katoen Natie participated in the auction of the shares of Terminal Cuenca del Plata S.A, to manage and operate the Specialized Container Terminal in the Port of Montevideo, and, having made the highest offer, it became owner of 80% of the company’s shares. This was the beginning of a very important partnership with the Uruguayan Government to transform the Port of Montevideo in the most important regional container hub for the port ecosystem of the Southern Cone. During the first 20 years of the concession term, over USD 250 million was invested to make TCP the most modern terminal in the region.  During this period, the extension of the main quay wall, the expansion of the container yard, the acquisition of 7 gantry cranes, 48 straddle carriers, and a strong investment in next generation technology, resulted in the offering of high-quality services to our customers, and in the best productivity in the region. From 2012 onward, Katoen Natie also developed the Polo Oeste logistics park in collaboration with local partner Frigorífico Modelo SA, where together they have developed 10 hectares as warehouse space and the most advanced logistics hub for the region. Katoen Natie would like to express its great satisfaction with this agreement, which will be the pillar and starting point to definitively put Terminal Cuenca del Plata on the map as the most modern container Terminal in the region.
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01 October 2020
Groundbreaking ceremony in Kutno
On September 23rd , Katoen Natie Polska started a groundbreaking ceremony with the official construction works for the expansion of the site in Kutno. The construction work was officially inaugurated by Jolanta Pietrusiak, Board member of Kutno County; Zbigniew Burzyński, Mayor of Kutno; Jacek  Boczkaja, Vice-Mayor of Kutno; and Łukasz Kacprzak, President of Katoen Natie Polska Sp. z o.o. Katoen Natie Polska started on July 1st in Kutno on a 25.5 hectare site, with 42 existing silos, 15,000 m² outdoor storage space and 40,000 m² covered warehouses. This extension will add 42 silos battery. Completion of the construction work is scheduled for April 2021.      
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21 August 2020
Pre announcement empty depot 1227

BOOST platform

Our in-house created application BOOST supports the Katoen Natie logistics platforms to organize and plan operations such as the loading and unloading of trucks/containers. The booking of time slots is a sometimes overlooked but crucial link in the transport chain. It is a vital touch point for warehouses, carriers and shippers. As our goal is to deliver operational excellence, we strive to improve the time management of all parties. Avoiding congestion and not keeping trucks waiting is a real cost saver, especially as drivers are an increasingly scarce resource. Not to mention the time and money that can be saved by automating the process. In the registration of the trucks nowadays, we often see a structural delay because i.a. the driver does not always possess all (correct) information, such as loading reference, destination, cross border city, … This bottle neck will be resolved because dispatch will be able to input the correct data upfront, so the driver only needs to register personal data (name, license plate, …) and will no longer lose valuable time on registration, calling, etc. With this booking system we strive to speed up the turnaround on terminal of your trucks significantly. Katoen Natie will be able to reserve sufficient resources based on the bookings in BOOST, guaranteeing a fast and accurate service.            

Win Win situation

  • Reduce your costs by saving time
  • Streamline and digitalize your slot booking and truck scheduling.
  • Benefit from the latest in time slot management technology.
  • Enjoy a unique and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Significant reduction of administrative work
Necessary informationBOOST will start as from the first of September. As from the 1st until the 15th of September our implementation team will guide you through the process to help you in case of any issues. However, after the 15th, the driver will only be able to present himself on site with a registered time slot. We start the implementation of the platform with the empty depot services handlings by truck.


Contact your local BOOST Administrator to obtain a Web login and password. For a more detailed manual “How to create a time slot”, download underneath document.
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01 July 2020
Acquisition logistics centre Nijhof-Wassink Poland successfully completed by Katoen Natie
This acquisition includes besides the warehousing also the value added logistic activities. Katoen Natie will also take over the 60 employees of the logistics center and the current contracts. All transport activities of Nijhof-Wassink and the five Volvo and Renault Trucks dealerships in Poland will remain active under the Nijhof-Wassink Group. The assets include a terrain of 25,5 hectares, 42 silos, 15.000 m² of outdoor storage space and 5 warehouses with a total covered space of 40.000 m². A repacking hall, an office and technical building are present as well. The main activities are storage, handling, transport, semi-industrial and value-added services for the (petrochemical) industry. The facilities are located in Kutno, Poland, strategically positioned next to the PCC intermodal terminal (250.000 TEU capacity) and nearby the junction of two main roads in Poland connecting North-South and East-West. The facilities are directly connected by rail to the main European Ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Gdansk/Gdynia. Katoen Natie has decided to expand the acquired facilities in the very near future; additional investments in warehouses with a total area of 16.000 m² and 42 additional silos for storage of polymers. The employees, work processes and facilities of the logistics center of Nijhof-Wassink in Poland are known as a reference in the market in terms of safety, reliability and high-quality services. In order to maintain this high-level standard, an agreement was reached that guarantees continuity, stability and growth for all stakeholders. With this acquisition the business unit Petrochemicals is significantly expanding its European network of import hubs. Katoen Natie considered Poland as a blind spot in the network. By filling this blind spot, Poland is now an extra asset to serve petrochemicals customers worldwide. The takeover typifies Katoen Natie's strategy to further expand its services for the (petro)chemical industry, both by investing in new installations and through acquisitions. The acquired company fits in perfectly with the existing Katoen Natie structure, both in terms of geographical location and core business. The integration of the new terminal into the existing Katoen Natie network will lead to greater efficiency and economies of scale, which will further improve the services to customers from all over the world. Katoen Natie strengthens herewith its position as global market leader in logistics for the (petro)chemical industry.
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30 September 2019
Katoen Natie acquires the Antwerp transport company Joosen

On 30 September 2019, Katoen Natie acquired the Flemish transport company Joosen.

Transport Joosen is a family-owned transport company that is specialized in the transport of sea containers with a strong focus on dock transports. Kurt Joosen's daily professional management includes a loyal team of planners, administrative staff and more than 180 drivers. With their young and modern fleet of tractors and trailers, supplemented by a permanent team of subcontractors and combined with their strong focus on software and new applications, Transport Joosen is one of the leading transport companies in the Port of Antwerp.

Through its independent transport companies Valkeniersnatie NV and Katoen Natie Trucking NV, Katoen Natie already has a strong 'transport' presence in the Port of Antwerp. The acquisition of Transport Joosen will enable Katoen Natie to further reinforce its transport capability in the Port of Antwerp and thus continue to ensure the crucial supply and transport of containers to its warehouses in the Port of Antwerp in the future. Thanks to this acquisition, the combined transport fleet of Katoen Natie will be able to respond even faster and more flexibly to the demands of all Katoen Natie and Transport Joosen customers.

In the past, there was already a close cooperation between Transport Joosen and Katoen Natie and this already successful cooperation combined with a similar 'no nonsense' approach in the corporate culture of both companies has led to this acquisition.

Even after the acquisition, Kurt Joosen will remain active as the leading force behind transport Joosen. All employees of Transport Joosen, the entire fleet and all activities of both Transport Joosen NV and Traxlars NV will be fully taken over by Katoen Natie NV.

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