Your liquid product is our business

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Your liquid product is our business

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Who we are

Katoen Natie offers total solutions for specialty chemical producers, based on semi-industrial and engineering services. In addition to storage and handling we take care of all the value added services for your product, from blending and demetalizing to repackaging and optical sorting, and everything in between. In fact, we can manage your logistics and provide all the semi-industrial services that you need. So you can concentrate on your core business: your product. You benefit from having all these services under one roof, with a single partner to deal with, all over the world.

On 06.09.2018, Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals organized its first dedicated Liquids Event! The specialized team gave insight in our services for handling liquids throughout the logistics chain. During this inspiring day, leading players in the chemical industry could discover the various possibilities we offer at our liquid handling terminals. Watch the after movie and get an insight yourself.


As a semi-industrial service provider, storage stays one of Katoen Natie’s core competences. This includes not only the physical storage but also the administrative processing. We position ourselves as a capacity provider, but we can accommodate smaller flows as well. Our transport and distribution systems merge seamlessly with your production flows and help to streamline your supply chain. In some cases we can even interface between your ERP and our Warehouse Management System.

All kind of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids can be stored in our tailor-made warehouses in several configurations (cans, drums, IBCs…). Besides the storage in our warehouses, a large fleet of ISO-tank containers is available for flexible storage of liquids. The necessary surrounding infrastructure is available as well.

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We optimize your flows of chemical liquids by implementing our high-tech drumming service.

We are able to handle any type of liquid, including:

  • biodiesel
  • surfactants
  • polyols
  • lubricants
  • resins
  • herbicides
  • pesticides

and many more.

With our different semi-automated and automated filling lines we can repack your liquid products in almost any configuration, ranging from the smallest cans up to large bulk flows.

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Filling of cans is one of our core businesses. With different automated and semi-automated filling machines, we can fill out of IBC or tank container to 40ml bottles up to 5L bottles. Our machines are all equipped with tools to close the bottles with caps, providing them with front- and backlabels and print the necessary information on the bottle and boxes.

Thanks to our experienced operators and quality system, we can assure you receive the highest service level.

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ISO tank container operations

Katoen Natie operates its own fleet of more than 1,400 tank containers. With offices in Antwerp, Houston and Singapore and a worldwide network of agents we are a NVOCC provider of tailor-made, global, door-to-door, bulk chemical forwarding services.

Tank Container Operations
Our staff is highly experienced in forwarding activities and hazardous cargo transport. We can provide extensive technical advice on the optimal handling and shipping of your chemical liquids. With our worldwide network of test, repair and cleaning stations, and hauliers, we organize intermodal transport, export & import shipments as well as document control to a high level of customer satisfaction. Alternative methods of transport, such as flexibags, can be organized upon request.

The High Heat expert
Our fleet is designed to cater to extensive high heating requirements. The tanks range in design temperature from 150 to 200 °C, ideal for transporting viscous liquids with high melting point or liquids that solidify at ambient temperature.

Fleet management services
Thanks to our expertise we can act as your partner in providing fleet management services. By organizing the loading, discharging, repair, cleaning, document control and forwarding we optimize your fleet condition and utilization.

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Recently, Katoen Natie invested in a heating installation in Kallo, Antwerp. This investment doubles our capacity and offers the possibility to heat ISO tank containers with steam at various pressures, hot water and electricity.

All heating spots are equipped with temperature logging to provide accurate read outs of the heating process. Besides this, we are able to heat your products in drums or IBC’s in one of our hotboxes, reaching temperatures up to 90°C.

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You need a homogeneous product as raw material in your production process or to blend products for your end customer, and you don’t want to include this in your core business. Here Katoen Natie can be your partner. Starting from liquids, or liquids and solids, we can produce the requested blends. Raw materials can be processed under ambient temperature or preheated. Nitrogen coverage during the process is possible as well. Depending on the recipes we differentiate between:

    • Solutions
    • Dilutions
    • Dispersions
    • Pastes

For all of them particular equipment is available ranging from batch blenders to in-line blending technique. Volume-wise we can handle anything from small batches up to ISO tank level. Moreover the blends can be filled directly into the preferred recipient (small packaging, drums, IBCs, ISO tank, etc.).

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In order to optimize your flows of chemical liquids, we can transfer your liquids between different types of units. This includes transfer from drums and IBC into ISO tanks, from ISO tanks into ISO trailers and the other way around.

Transloading takes place in a contained environment. Before or after transloading, and depending on your particular needs, you can take advantage of our tank yard and warehouses to store your products.


For certain sensitive applications, your product may require an enhanced purity level. Katoen Natie can use filtration systems in our liquid handling services to remove impurities.

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    19 July 2023
    Embracing a Greener Future: Introducing Belgium's First Produced Electric Truck
    We are thrilled to share a momentous stride on our journey towards a more sustainable future. Today, we take great pride in announcing the launch of our very first electric truck at Katoen Natie - a groundbreaking achievement made possible by our valued partnership with Volvo Group Volvo Trucks Belgium. As a key step in our unwavering commitment to sustainability, the electrification of our esteemed truck fleet marks a transformative chapter in our organization's environmental efforts. With sustainability at the core of our values, this significant milestone sets the stage for a greener and more efficient logistics landscape. This moment wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable collaboration and support from Volvo Group Volvo Trucks Belgium, a partnership that epitomizes the potential impact of decarbonizing the transport industry on the entire logistics value chain. We are honored to have acquired this groundbreaking electric truck, powered by Volvo, which will play a vital role in servicing our esteemed customer, Atlas Copco. Through this strategic collaboration, we reaffirm our shared dedication to driving sustainable transportation practices. Join us in celebrating this achievement as we embark on a journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. At Katoen Natie, we believe that our people truly make the difference, and together, we can pave the way for a brighter and more environmentally responsible tomorrow. 🚚💚 #Sustainability #Innovation #ElectricTruck #GreenerFuture #Collaboration #Logistics #Transportation #KatoenNatie #SustainableTransport #EnvironmentalEfforts
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    05 June 2023
    Crossport Acquisition
    Katoen Natie is pleased to announce the acquisition of Crossport, a logistics service provider that offers warehousing and logistics services in Wachtebeke, near Ghent in Belgium. Following the recent take-over of Transport L'Ecluse, this is a second acquisition that strengthens our market position in the port of Ghent. On the right and left bank of the Ghent - Terneuzen canal, Katoen Natie owns and operates various logistics platforms with a total storage capacity of 375.000 m². By acquiring Crossport, we further expand our footprint in Ghent and we can even serve customers who import/export their cargo via the neighboring ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Terneuzen. Crossport has been founded in 2016 and offers value-added logistics services such as stuffing of containers and cross-docking of general cargo. The company employs 15 people and has a total storage capacity of 120,000 m² of which 51,000 m² are covered. In recent years, the management of Crossport has invested significantly to improve its warehouses and service level. Katoen Natie will follow this path forward and will secure the future growth of Crossport. We are convinced that the combination of Katoen Natie and Crossport will enable us to serve our customers in the port of Ghent even better than before.
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    21 November 2022
    We keep automating.
    The world is changing rapidly: consumers have higher service demands, product availability remains key, labor costs are continuously increasing and available warehouse space is under pressure. Therefore, we keep automating our processes. Katoen Natie Consumer Goods & Industry has recently invested in the Autostore system to convert a conventional solution into an automated solution. The investment in the Autostore system of more than 30.000 totes and 20 robots is done on the logistics platform in Antwerp, the Katoen Natie flagship logistics platform with a capacity of 1.200.000 sqm covered warehouse space. This investment is realized in with the partner Element Logic. More investments in Autostore systems are planned on different European locations. Service providers needs to be able to react to these changes and need to scale up/down capacities in a very flexible way. Autostore helps with this as it allows to order pick a large quantity of products in a very short time frame on a very condensed area. Katoen Natie Consumer Goods and Industry provides logistics services all around the world. Having large multi-customer logistics platforms, owned state-of-the-art WMS solutions, a large pool of skilled and enthusiastic people and focus on innovation, Katoen Natie Consumer Goods & Industry offers highly flexible and tailormade logistic solutions to its customers.
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    12 October 2022
    Our Spirit Campaign
    Since 2017 we organize a yearly cultural index. A survey to measure the satisfaction of our employees. During this first survey we organized, it became clear that with the immense growth of our company and Business Unit, sharing our set of values, goals and practices that we can find in our company bible, became more important then ever. Each year we try to set some new goals on how to keep our employee engagement high, and provide also for them extra added value via culture based actions. Since 2020 we decided to create a dedicated workgroup around ‘Katoen Natie culture’ related topics. A group of people from all layers of our business unit, overall sites, with a heart for Katoen Natie: “The Cultural ambassadors”. A multicultural, divers group of people that share best practices and brainstorm on how they can keep the Katoen Natie Spirit alive. Based on the six cornerstones of our ‘company bible’, we focus on communicating, internally and externally about our culture, engaging our employees, and focus on wellbeing. Some examples of those actions you may have already seen on linkedin, with our ‘Spirit campaign’. A campaign to highlight the most important values of our company bible, explained storywise to and by our employees.
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    11 October 2022
    Loghidden city becomes more green

    Loghidden City is a multi-customer and multi-industry terminal where a maximum of synergy is created. The first warehouses were built in 2003 and currently more than 800.000 m² of warehouse space are occupied.

    As from today, Loghidden City is connected redundantly to the high voltage 36kV grid of Elia (transmission system operator of the Belgian high-voltage grid). This means no power interruptions will happen anymore on this connection due to maintenance.

    All produced wind and solar energy, which will not be consumed by our logistics operations, will be put on the public grid.

    Katoen Natie will continue to invest in more green energy and sustainable applications.

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