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Your liquid product is our business

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Who we are

Katoen Natie offers total solutions for specialty chemical producers, based on semi-industrial and engineering services. In addition to storage and handling we take care of all the value added services for your product, from blending and demetalizing to repackaging and optical sorting, and everything in between. In fact, we can manage your logistics and provide all the semi-industrial services that you need. So you can concentrate on your core business: your product. You benefit from having all these services under one roof, with a single partner to deal with, all over the world.

On 06.09.2018, Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals organized its first dedicated Liquids Event! The specialized team gave insight in our services for handling liquids throughout the logistics chain. During this inspiring day, leading players in the chemical industry could discover the various possibilities we offer at our liquid handling terminals. Watch the after movie and get an insight yourself.


As a semi-industrial service provider, storage stays one of Katoen Natie’s core competences. This includes not only the physical storage but also the administrative processing. We position ourselves as a capacity provider, but we can accommodate smaller flows as well. Our transport and distribution systems merge seamlessly with your production flows and help to streamline your supply chain. In some cases we can even interface between your ERP and our Warehouse Management System.

All kind of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids can be stored in our tailor-made warehouses in several configurations (cans, drums, IBCs…). Besides the storage in our warehouses, a large fleet of ISO-tank containers is available for flexible storage of liquids. The necessary surrounding infrastructure is available as well.

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We optimize your flows of chemical liquids by implementing our high-tech drumming service.

We are able to handle any type of liquid, including:

  • biodiesel
  • surfactants
  • polyols
  • lubricants
  • resins
  • herbicides
  • pesticides

and many more.

With our different semi-automated and automated filling lines we can repack your liquid products in almost any configuration, ranging from the smallest cans up to large bulk flows.

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Filling of cans is one of our core businesses. With different automated and semi-automated filling machines, we can fill out of IBC or tank container to 40ml bottles up to 5L bottles. Our machines are all equipped with tools to close the bottles with caps, providing them with front- and backlabels and print the necessary information on the bottle and boxes.

Thanks to our experienced operators and quality system, we can assure you receive the highest service level.

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ISO tank container operations

Katoen Natie operates its own fleet of more than 1,400 tank containers. With offices in Antwerp, Houston and Singapore and a worldwide network of agents we are a NVOCC provider of tailor-made, global, door-to-door, bulk chemical forwarding services.

Tank Container Operations
Our staff is highly experienced in forwarding activities and hazardous cargo transport. We can provide extensive technical advice on the optimal handling and shipping of your chemical liquids. With our worldwide network of test, repair and cleaning stations, and hauliers, we organize intermodal transport, export & import shipments as well as document control to a high level of customer satisfaction. Alternative methods of transport, such as flexibags, can be organized upon request.

The High Heat expert
Our fleet is designed to cater to extensive high heating requirements. The tanks range in design temperature from 150 to 200 °C, ideal for transporting viscous liquids with high melting point or liquids that solidify at ambient temperature.

Fleet management services
Thanks to our expertise we can act as your partner in providing fleet management services. By organizing the loading, discharging, repair, cleaning, document control and forwarding we optimize your fleet condition and utilization.

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Recently, Katoen Natie invested in a heating installation in Kallo, Antwerp. This investment doubles our capacity and offers the possibility to heat ISO tank containers with steam at various pressures, hot water and electricity.

All heating spots are equipped with temperature logging to provide accurate read outs of the heating process. Besides this, we are able to heat your products in drums or IBC’s in one of our hotboxes, reaching temperatures up to 90°C.

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You need a homogeneous product as raw material in your production process or to blend products for your end customer, and you don’t want to include this in your core business. Here Katoen Natie can be your partner. Starting from liquids, or liquids and solids, we can produce the requested blends. Raw materials can be processed under ambient temperature or preheated. Nitrogen coverage during the process is possible as well. Depending on the recipes we differentiate between:

    • Solutions
    • Dilutions
    • Dispersions
    • Pastes

For all of them particular equipment is available ranging from batch blenders to in-line blending technique. Volume-wise we can handle anything from small batches up to ISO tank level. Moreover the blends can be filled directly into the preferred recipient (small packaging, drums, IBCs, ISO tank, etc.).

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In order to optimize your flows of chemical liquids, we can transfer your liquids between different types of units. This includes transfer from drums and IBC into ISO tanks, from ISO tanks into ISO trailers and the other way around.

Transloading takes place in a contained environment. Before or after transloading, and depending on your particular needs, you can take advantage of our tank yard and warehouses to store your products.


For certain sensitive applications, your product may require an enhanced purity level. Katoen Natie can use filtration systems in our liquid handling services to remove impurities.

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04 October 2019
Katoen Natie acquires the warehousing activities of Nijhof-Wassink in Poland
The business to be acquired includes a terrain of 25.5 ha, 42 silos, 15,000m² outside storage and 5 warehouses with a total of 40,000m² covered space. A repacking hall, office building and technical building are present as well. All machinery and other equipment, directly linked to and used for operating the facilities are part of the acquisition. All assets, contracts and personnel of Nijhof-Wassink and related to the acquired business will also be transferred to Katoen Natie at a time yet to be determined. Katoen Natie has decided to immediately expand the acquired facilities with additional warehouses with a total surface of 16,000m² and 42 extra silos in the very near future. Staff, processes and facilities of the warehouse activities of Nijhof-Wassink in Poland are known to the market and are a guarantee in terms of safety, reliability and high quality service. The warehouse activities of Nijhof-Wassink have grown very rapidly, which is why they have looked at how they could further expand their storage and transshipment facilities. In its endeavor to serve the rapidly growing market, Nijhof-Wassink planned some major investments. During this process Katoen Natie, a very well-known and global player in the market came in the picture. With Katoen Natie expressing its ambitions in Poland, both parties discussed the possibility of a takeover. Since Nijhof-Wassink and Katoen Natie are companies with a similar culture and view on business operations an agreement was easily reached guaranteeing continuity, stability and growth for all stakeholders. The acquisition only applies to the Logistics Centre in Kutno, Poland. All transport activities of Nijhof-Wassink as well as the five Volvo and Renault Trucks dealerships will continue to operate under the Nijhof-Wassink Group. With more than 400 employees on the payroll locally, Nijhof-Wassink remains an important business partner and employer in Poland. Key figures of the deal: • Total surface: 254,868m² • Warehousing facilities: 40,000m² • Outside storage: 15,000m² • Silos: 42 (11,000m³) • Employees: 60 Activities: • Warehousing, handling, transport and semi-industrial services for the petrochemical and chemical industries • Loading, unloading and treatment of (petro-)chemical products (powders, granulates) • Packaging and re-packaging of solids The acquired business is a perfect fit to the existing Katoen Natie structure, both in terms of geographical location as in terms of core activity. The integration of the new terminal in the existing Katoen Natie network leads to increased efficiency and economies of scale, which will further improve the services delivered to customers from all over the world. The takeover typifies the strategy of Katoen Natie to further increase its services for the chemical industry, both by investing in new installations as by acquisitions (consolidation). With the acquisition of Nijhof-Wassink’s warehouse activities in Poland, the Business Unit Petrochemicals is expanding its European network of import hubs considerably. The management of Katoen Natie considered Poland to be a blind spot in the network. By filling this blind spot, Poland is from now on an extra asset to serve the Petrochemical customers even more. The facilities are located in Kutno, Poland which is strategically positioned next to the PCC intermodal terminal (capacity of 250.000 TEU) and nearby the junction of the two main roads in Poland which connect North-South and East-West. The Polish facilities are in direct rail contact with the leading European ports of Rotterdam, Hamburg, Gdansk/Gdynia and Antwerp. With an extensive package of warehousing facilities, a high level of service and a strong international transport network, the Kutno terminal has everything to offer to optimize our customers’ logistics chain.
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30 September 2019
Katoen Natie acquires the Antwerp transport company Joosen

On 30 September 2019, Katoen Natie acquired the Flemish transport company Joosen.

Transport Joosen is a family-owned transport company that is specialized in the transport of sea containers with a strong focus on dock transports. Kurt Joosen's daily professional management includes a loyal team of planners, administrative staff and more than 180 drivers. With their young and modern fleet of tractors and trailers, supplemented by a permanent team of subcontractors and combined with their strong focus on software and new applications, Transport Joosen is one of the leading transport companies in the Port of Antwerp.

Through its independent transport companies Valkeniersnatie NV and Katoen Natie Trucking NV, Katoen Natie already has a strong 'transport' presence in the Port of Antwerp. The acquisition of Transport Joosen will enable Katoen Natie to further reinforce its transport capability in the Port of Antwerp and thus continue to ensure the crucial supply and transport of containers to its warehouses in the Port of Antwerp in the future. Thanks to this acquisition, the combined transport fleet of Katoen Natie will be able to respond even faster and more flexibly to the demands of all Katoen Natie and Transport Joosen customers.

In the past, there was already a close cooperation between Transport Joosen and Katoen Natie and this already successful cooperation combined with a similar 'no nonsense' approach in the corporate culture of both companies has led to this acquisition.

Even after the acquisition, Kurt Joosen will remain active as the leading force behind transport Joosen. All employees of Transport Joosen, the entire fleet and all activities of both Transport Joosen NV and Traxlars NV will be fully taken over by Katoen Natie NV.

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10 July 2019
Katoen Natie expands its fleet
LAG Trailers

Katoen Natie acquired 59 semi-trailers from LAG Trailers. The new order will rejuvenate and expand the silo transport in Belgium and The Netherlands.

All 59 purchased trailers are tipping silo semi-trailers, for which LAG Trailers is the market leader in the Benelux.

Safety of the personnel and the working environment was an important aspect in this investment. That is why a big number of sensors and safety tools have been integrated into the vehicles.

For example, each trailer is equipped with the Safe Parking Single System, an approach switch and landing leg sensors. These ingenious adjustments eliminates some of the most common causes to work-related injuries and damage.

In this way, Katoen Natie ensures a higher safety standard and greater user-friendliness.

Scania R410 LNG A few weeks ago, Katoen Natie has purchased a LNG truck.  This truck on liquefied natural gas will be used 24 hours a day on the daily routes East Flanders – Antwerp and Antwerp – Rotterdam.  The Scania R410 on LNG is not only environmentally friendly, but also a very quiet trailer. This is a great asset when operating in highly urbanized areas Furthermore, this Scania R has also a CR20N cab, which is very attractive to truck drivers.
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04 April 2019
Katoen Natie Thailand marks its 20 years anniversary
Celebrating the Past & the Present Katoen Natie is showing a continued growth in the Thai economy. Since 1998, Katoen Natie has built a profound local expertise in the chemical, automotive and consumer goods sector in Thailand. With a total investment of THB 9 billion over the past 20 years, Katoen Natie Thailand has developed 5 warehouse and packaging platforms, and manages 5 on-site logistics platforms at customer’s manufacturing plants. Today the local industry is considering Katoen Natie as the expert in building and operating those platforms to international standards. This year Katoen Natie invested over THB 450 million to create, among other developments, another new platform in Map Ta Phut, Rayong and additional space at an existing platform in Pluak Daeng, Rayong. All these investments are done to further support the growth of our customers in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) area, the beating heart of Thailand’s modern industry. Katoen Natie is confident that the Thai economy is continuously developing and has a stable potential. This is demonstrated by the development of the domestic infrastructure system and the development of the logistics system to connect to different economical regions. Katoen Natie Chairman & President Fernand Huts adds: “Katoen Natie Thailand is the most beautiful jewel of the Katoen Natie group, or, even better, has with Map Ta Phut and Pluak Daeng, the two most beautiful jewels in the worldwide operations of Katoen Natie. Twenty years ago, we had no strategy to go internationally, until long-term partners Covestro and Dow brought us here. Once we had a bridgehead, we could convince other customers. Today we operate more than 60 customers in our 400,000 square meters of state-of-the-art warehouses and 76 silos. We thank all our customers for the trust they put in Katoen Natie. The business developed because of the hospitality, the warmth, the efforts and the dedication of our Thai people.” Transforming the Future During the celebrations, we looked forward with our partners on the different aspects of transformation to a digital environment. Keynote speeches of Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, Deputy Minister of Transport of Thailand, and Ms. BJ Burlingame, Vice-President Digital Business Services SEA of SAP Asia, and a high level panel discussion with a selective group of industry leaders, have offered us profound insights. Anton Colpaert, Managing Director of Katoen Natie Thailand adds: “Transformation is not a one-time action, but a continuous process of revision, optimization and reconfiguration to adapt to the new reality. It is about daring to do things differently than you have in the past and being open to change. Transformation and innovation are buzzwords now, but over the last 20 years, Katoen Natie already has been transforming the local supply chain of the Thai automotive and chemical industry. Our mission of creating maximum value by providing tailor-made, full service logistics and engineering solutions is a great example of this industry-driven transformation taking old concepts to new workable ones that maximize efficiency. The rapidly changing world pushes us to continuously innovate and transform. Katoen Natie believes we need to do that through partnerships and open collaboration with our customer, partners and suppliers.” Katoen Natie has prepared additional investments plans for Thailand in various fields, developing solutions to transform to industry 4.0 and further expand its footprint to meet the growing market demand. This is estimated at an additional THB 2 billion of investments over the next 3 years.
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01 April 2019
Katoen Natie announces major investments in the Netherlands
Chemelot Covering an area of over 800 hectares, the Chemelot site is one of the major chemical hubs in Europe and has been expanding in recent years. The integrated cluster of companies produces a variety of chemicals and performance plastics for a wide range of markets and applications. Chemelot also hosts a research campus, with over 8,000 people working on-site. Katoen Natie investments Since 2013, Katoen Natie has acquired a number of logistics terminals in Limburg. Its sites in Nuth, Born, Geleen, Elsloo, Tüddern and Maasmechelen currently employ 250 people. With the expansion, Katoen Natie will anchor its strategic presence in the region. Central to the investment is a 12 hectare green field project on the Chemelot site. Here, Katoen Natie will build a brand new multi-customer terminal consisting of 54,500 m² state-of-the-art warehouse and 207 silos. Aside from warehousing operations, Katoen Natie will offer a full range value-added services including repackaging of chemicals, purifying of contaminated products, compounding and compacting services. The Chemelot terminal is expected to be operational in Q2, 2020. In addition to the investments on-site, Katoen Natie will expand its Nuth logistics terminal with 10,000 m² of warehouse space and 60 silos expected to be operational by the end of 2019. Another plot of land was acquired at Mitsubishi Avenue in Born, where Katoen Natie will construct and operate a 35,000m² warehouse to service the automotive industry. Investments in the local transport capacity will continue over the next year. With the purchase of 115 new lorries, 45 dry bulk trailers and 10 liquid bulk trailers the existing fleet will be renewed and expanded. Gateway to Central and Eastern Europe Aside from their proximity to Chemelot, the Katoen Natie terminals in Limburg are located just a few kilometers from the Belgian and German border. This strategic location, close to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and with easy rail and water access, make them an ideal stepping-stone for import flows into the Ruhr area and Eastern Europe. With this expansion, Katoen Natie affirms its position as the leading logistics and industrial services provider for the chemical industry in Europe. The implantation of its logistics platform on the Chemelot site will produce significant transport savings for Katoen Natie’s existing customers and reduce overall CO₂-emissions. In total, the 100,000 m² of added warehouse capacity and value-added logistics operations will create 75 new full time jobs in the region. Katoen Natie Katoen Natie is a private Flemish enterprise and its activities consist of value add logistical services with activities in 30 countries and more than 13.000 employees. For more about Katoen Natie go to
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