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The Mobilotheek (Mobile Library) is coming to Katoen Natie!

Have you been asking yourself what it would be like to come to work (in part) on two wheels or by public transport, but have you never taken the step? Thanks to the cooperation with Smart to Antwerp (Slim naar Antwerpen), we can offer you the opportunity to become acquainted with a range of smart means of transport!

Test it for free with the Mobilotheek. Note: registration is necessary (see below)!

2 test periods: from 1 tot 30 April / form 6 to 28 May

If you want to test an electric bike, city bike, folding bicycle, cargo bike, bicycle trailer, Velo, tram, bus or De Waterbus, you can choose between 2 periods:

  • From Monday 1 April to Tuesday 30 April 2019 (registration is possible until 10 March)
  • From Monday 6 May to Tuesday 28 May 2019 (registration is possible until 14 April)


The Mobilotheek offers a wide range of means of transport:

  • Normal bicycle (city bike)
  • Electric bicycles (until 25 km/h)
  • Folding bicycles (Brompton)
  • Cargo bikes (to transport kids)
  • Bicycle trailer (to transport kids)
  • De Lijn pass for tram and bus
  • Velo pass (the Antwerp sharing bikes)
  • The Waterbus (10-rides pass)

Here you find the complete bicycle offer with pictures (in Dutch).

Combining means of transport?

Various combinations are also possible within the Mobilotheek. A condition is that you use both means of transport one after the other or together on your route:

  • Normal bicycle and bicycle trailer
  • Electric bicycle and bicycle trailer
  • De Lijn and folding bicycle
  • De Lijn and Velo
  • De Lijn and normal bicycle
  • The Waterbus and normal bicycle
  • The Waterbus and electric bicycle
  • The Waterbus and folding bicycle
  • The Waterbus and Velo
  • The Waterbus and De Lijn

How to participate?

First you choose one or more means of transport that you want to test. Be sure to read the conditions of use (in Dutch). With this you have to declare your agreement.

Subscribe yourself by clicking on below link:

Subscription form Mobilotheek Katoen Natie – April and May 2019 (Loghidden City) – English

What happens after your registration?

On respectively 10 March and 14 April, we complete the registrations. You will then receive a confirmation from Katoen Natie with more information about collecting and returning the bike, De Lijn pass, Velo pass or 10-rides Waterbus pass. The number of bicycles is limited, but we try to take your preference into account as much as possible.

More information?

Do you have any questions about this? Send an e-mail to and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

We already wish you success with trying a new way of commuting!