Paperless Truck

A twintag on every CMR

With the Paperless Truck solution of Katoen Natie and Twintag, we automatically generate a twintag (QR-code) and print it on every CMR or delivery note of our outbound orders. All other documents (SDS, CoA, cleaning certificates, weight note…) can be attached digitally.

The benefits

Easy access with your smartphone
With a twintag on your shipping documents, you can find all updated information instantly. No app or account required.

Reduce waiting times and save money
Digitization means cost saving. In some cases, we can significantly reduce waiting times and less time and effort has to be put into archiving all shipping documents.

Make the different for the environment 
By adding this solution to our Plato Environment, as Katoen Natie, we can save 0.5M sheets of paper yearly from being printed. And that’s EU only.

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