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Why ISOtanks?

Complete global logistics solutions for solid and liquid chemicals. That’s what Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals is all about. As such, Katoen Natie Tank Operations operates its own fleet of more than 2.000 tank containers, linking our clients production-facilities to their destinations. With offices in Antwerp, Houston and Singapore and a worldwide network of agents we are a NVOCC providing tailor made, global, door-to-door, bulk chemical forwarding services.

  • High heat
  • Complete solutions
  • Global network

Tank Container Operations: Unburdening on a global scale

Our staff are highly experienced in forwarding activities and hazardous cargo transport and can provide extensive technical advice on the optimal handling and shipping of your chemical liquids. With our worldwide network of test, repair and cleaning stations, hauliers etc., we organize intermodal transport, export & import shipments as well as document control to a high level of customer satisfaction. Unburdening customers on a global scale, we offer complete packages, taking care of the product from the loading point at the plant all the way to our yards, filling – and heating-installations and warehouses.

The High Heat expert

Our fleet is designed to cater for extensive high heating requirements. The tanks range in design temperature from 150 to 200 °C, ideal for transporting e.g. viscous liquids with high melting point or liquids that solidify at ambient temperature.

Fleet management services

Through our expertise we can act as your partner in providing fleet management services. By organizing the loading, discharging, repair, cleaning, document control and forwarding we optimize your fleet condition and utilization, relieving your organization while providing the necessary input as if you were to organize it in-house.


    21 November 2022
    We keep automating.
    The world is changing rapidly: consumers have higher service demands, product availability remains key, labor costs are continuously increasing and available warehouse space is under pressure. Therefore, we keep automating our processes. Katoen Natie Consumer Goods & Industry has recently invested in the Autostore system to convert a conventional solution into an automated solution. The investment in the Autostore system of more than 30.000 totes and 20 robots is done on the logistics platform in Antwerp, the Katoen Natie flagship logistics platform with a capacity of 1.200.000 sqm covered warehouse space. This investment is realized in with the partner Element Logic. More investments in Autostore systems are planned on different European locations. Service providers needs to be able to react to these changes and need to scale up/down capacities in a very flexible way. Autostore helps with this as it allows to order pick a large quantity of products in a very short time frame on a very condensed area. Katoen Natie Consumer Goods and Industry provides logistics services all around the world. Having large multi-customer logistics platforms, owned state-of-the-art WMS solutions, a large pool of skilled and enthusiastic people and focus on innovation, Katoen Natie Consumer Goods & Industry offers highly flexible and tailormade logistic solutions to its customers.
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    12 October 2022
    Our Spirit Campaign
    Since 2017 we organize a yearly cultural index. A survey to measure the satisfaction of our employees. During this first survey we organized, it became clear that with the immense growth of our company and Business Unit, sharing our set of values, goals and practices that we can find in our company bible, became more important then ever. Each year we try to set some new goals on how to keep our employee engagement high, and provide also for them extra added value via culture based actions. Since 2020 we decided to create a dedicated workgroup around ‘Katoen Natie culture’ related topics. A group of people from all layers of our business unit, overall sites, with a heart for Katoen Natie: “The Cultural ambassadors”. A multicultural, divers group of people that share best practices and brainstorm on how they can keep the Katoen Natie Spirit alive. Based on the six cornerstones of our ‘company bible’, we focus on communicating, internally and externally about our culture, engaging our employees, and focus on wellbeing. Some examples of those actions you may have already seen on linkedin, with our ‘Spirit campaign’. A campaign to highlight the most important values of our company bible, explained storywise to and by our employees.
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    11 October 2022
    Loghidden city becomes more green

    Loghidden City is a multi-customer and multi-industry terminal where a maximum of synergy is created. The first warehouses were built in 2003 and currently more than 800.000 m² of warehouse space are occupied.

    As from today, Loghidden City is connected redundantly to the high voltage 36kV grid of Elia (transmission system operator of the Belgian high-voltage grid). This means no power interruptions will happen anymore on this connection due to maintenance.

    All produced wind and solar energy, which will not be consumed by our logistics operations, will be put on the public grid.

    Katoen Natie will continue to invest in more green energy and sustainable applications.

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    14 July 2022
    Katoen Natie Expands
    At North Sea Port Ghent, Katoen Natie has started the construction of two additional warehouses on its site, together representing 28,500 m². When the new warehouses are in use, the logistics service provider in Ghent will have 350,000 m² of storage capacity. "The additional warehouses are part of a master plan in which four units were linked and now two are being built," explains Stéfan De Vrieze, site manager of Katoen Natie Gent. "The delivery of both warehouses, together accounting for 28,500 m² and at least 13 metres free height, is planned for the first quarter of 2023. The project also includes offices and social facilities." CO2-neutral The roofs of the new warehouses will also be fitted with solar panels in the course of 2023. The plans also include other sustainable techniques such as rainwater recovery. The new warehouses will be CO2-neutral. The construction of the new warehouses is inspired by the organic growth of Katoen Natie's existing customers and the attraction of new customers. When the warehouses come into operation, Katoen Natie will have a total site of 350,000 m² at its disposal in Ghent. "Ghent is in demand as a location. It is centrally located, congestion-free and intermodal transport via barge is possible," explains De Vrieze. "Further growth will boost our available capacity to continue investing. Spare parts Katoen Natie Ghent is active on several fronts, such as automotive & industry, fast moving consumer goods and retail. "We serve customers for Europe, but also globally. With the presence of Volvo Trucks, Volvo Cars and the European distribution centre of Honda, the 'after market' with spare parts also forms an important part of our activities", says the site manager of Katoen Natie Gent.
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    14 July 2022
    Family Day
    Early July 2022, Katoen Natie organised a large family day for its employees. More than six hundred people gathered for a day out in ZOO Antwerpen. In August 2021, as part of the annual family day, Katoen Natie supported 'Kinepolis On Tour' at its site in Kallo, where movie lovers could watch a show from their car on a mobile LED screen.
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