Requirements to logistics are becoming more and more intense. On one hand, customers become more demanding, on the other, distance between production and consumption locations becomes longer. This means that distribution becomes more global and more complex, whilst environmental and economical pressure is increasing. This means that our customers are constantly looking for more cost-efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions.

The mission of the company is simple: creating maximum added value. Katoen Natie creates maximum value by providing tailor-made, full service logistics and engineering solutions to a key number of customers, all over the world.

Our purpose is unambiguous. All our efforts and investments are geared towards offering better services and smarter solutions to our customers. We will continue to enhance their performance and reduce their cost. We use all of our knowledge, experience and inventiveness to do so.

Company Culture
Here at Katoen Natie, we believe that it is of life-or-death importance to an organization to maintain simplicity and simple smarts during its evolution and growth. Healthy common sense, a keen sense of costs and staying clear of complicated systems and theories form the basis for good management.

 All of this is described in our “company bible”. It is what we live by, every day.

Our people make the difference
Katoen Natie is strongly driven by its values. It developed a culture of its own, where hard work and simplicity are keystones to success.
Confidence in our people is the basis of their drive and dedication for their customers. We invest in the talent of each of our employees and allow our people to grow.

  • Customer friendly
  • Cost-driven
  • Eager to learn
  • Ambitious
  • Inventive
  • Responsible