Responsible Business

Quality & Safety
Katoen Natie is committed to highest Quality Standards, the prevention of personal accidents, loss and material damage, as well as to the protection of health and environment. Preventive and protective care with respect to Katoen Natie employees, employees of Katoen Natie clients, subcontractors and the general public are considered by the group Katoen Natie as a prime responsibility.

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Responsible people
Katoen Natie’s employees maintain high ethical standards and legal compliance in all aspects of our business. This also includes an anti-bribery and anti-corruption code of conduct. We maintain these standards wherever we operate around the world.

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Katoen Natie invests in green energy (solar panels, wind turbines) and in CO2 reduction (vehicles and buildings). Ecological waste management is also high on our agenda.

In the development of our logistics concepts, Katoen Natie strives to have product flows occur in bulk so that packaging becomes unnecessary. At our cleaning stations, tanker trucks and tank containers can be cleaned professionally. The wastewater is collected and ecologically purified.

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The Katoen Natie Brand takes data protection and privacy very seriously. The Brand has built a robust set of data protections and procedures in order to, amongst others, meet the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The policies below are a part of the framework of protections and procedures.

Visitor’s Privacy Policy
Recruitment Privacy Policy
Client & Supplier Privacy Policy
Event Privacy Policy 
Mexico Privacy Disclaimer

Katoen Natie Art - Singelberg

Architecture & Art
We also invest in creating a better living and working environment. Katoen Natie pays special attention to architecture and art. It is out of love for art, culture and heritage in general, but also because art and architecture help to build a corporate culture. It attracts people and business and creates dedication and engagement (from employees with the company). Attention to art and culture also reflects the social engagement and dedication of Katoen Natie to its city, region, district and the countries in which it is active. As such, it is also an expression of its Corporate Social Responsibility.