Injecting applied engineering into logistics

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Injecting applied engineering into logistics

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Logistics and engineering solutions

Katoen Natie develops and delivers smarter logistics and engineering solutions, tailored to each customer’s specific situation. Our services range from offering warehousing solutions to designing, building and operating of on-site and multicustomer platforms.

Our in-house knowledge in terms of logistics, engineering and IT makes us most creative, responsive and fast when it comes to your specific needs. To this end, we also decentralized our activities.

We organized our Business Units to serve specific industries, globally, be it with the assistance of local operations. Each business unit has a great deal of autonomy. This structure allows for flexible communication with our customers and fast decision-making by our managers.

Our people

  • Customer friendly

    Supplying quality work and placing the bar high for ourselves, to optimize service provided to the customer.

  • Cost-driven

    Using resources wisely and avoiding useless expenses.

  • Eager to learn

    Be engaged in self-development and take further training, with an eye for new ideas and techniques.

  • Ambitious

    Employing our talents enthusiastically and energetically to do our job better.

  • Inventive

    Developing new ideas and proposals to optimize matters.

  • Responsible

    Working skillfully, in a disciplined, orderly and efficient way, with knowledge of our profession and dedication.

A family-owned business

As a family-owned company, our focus is on the future. All our efforts and investments are geared towards offering better services and smarter solutions to our customers. We care for people and for the environment, which means we are guided by strong values and live by the rules of our company bible. We foster solid, long-term relationships with our customers and other stakeholders.

We also invest in creating a better living and working environment. As a matter of fact, Katoen Natie pays special attention to architecture and art. Out of love for art and heritage, but also because it creates employee engagement and dedication. Furthermore, it reflects the social engagement and dedication of Katoen Natie to its city, region, district and the countries in which it is active.

Our philosopy

Facts & Figures

Since its origins in 1854, Katoen Natie has evolved from delivering local port operations and warehouse activities to becoming a global, full-service supplier of logistics and engineering solutions.

Today, with our worldwide presence, our comprehensive range of services and our many decades of experience, we can serve you as a one-stop-shop partner. This approach has made us the preferred provider for leading companies in key industries around the world.

  • Organisation
    Privately owned company
  • Headquarters
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • Turnover
    1.750.000.000 EUR
  • Worldwide team size
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06 September 2017
Katoen Natie starts construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub in Singapore.
In the presence of the Ambassador of Belgium to Singapore, Mr. Andy Detaille, Katoen Natie had a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Phase II of its Specialty Chemicals Hub on 31st August 2017. Koen Cardon, CEO of Katoen Natie Singapore, commented, “This investment represents a significant step change in the services we offer to Specialty Chemical Companies. As Singapore is moving towards more production of high end products, we are expanding our facilities to offer our key customers more solutions and more capacity.” At its Jurong Logistics Terminal, Katoen Natie is providing a wide range of logistics and semi industrial services to a portfolio of global customers. With extensive know how in handling solids in powder or granular form and liquids, Katoen Natie offers solutions such as repackaging, sieving, grinding, blending, optical sorting, homogenization, compounding, customizing, compaction and granulation, deodorizing, drying, heating, pastillation and ISO tank operations. Mr. Detaille, Ambassador of Belgium, highlighted, “It is great to see that Katoen Natie continues to invest in Singapore. They are a strong representative of what Belgium can offer in logistics, industrial services and innovative solutions.” Koen Cardon added, “our chemical customers are looking for total solutions that require highly skilled operators and services at the highest standards of Safety, Quality and Environment. With some 165 logistics terminals worldwide and in depth know how of product handling, we can offer our customers the services they are looking for. We continue to innovate to develop solutions for our customers that can help them to make the difference”. The Phase II Specialty Chemicals Hub facility will include silos for specialty chemical products, packaging lines and auxiliary equipment for dry air, product conveying and de-dusting. This 15 million Singapore Dollars investment will be operational in December 2018.
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01 September 2017
Press release: Current situation at Katoen Natie Houston after tropical storm Harvey
On Wednesday, August 30th, Katoen Natie management was already able to conduct assessments at both the La Porte and Baytown sites after tropical storm Harvey. Although large parts of the greater Houston area are still flooded our risk based design of our facilities avoided us to have water in our warehouses and offices. We were given the green light to start operations back up at both Houston-area facilities. Shipping/receiving and packaging operations has commenced as of August 31st. Of course, there is a possibility that not all of our employees will be back due to extraneous circumstances . However, we will operate and plan around the employees who will be present. As of September 1st, the Port of Houston and PTRA railroads are open again. Katoen Natie will work diligently with its clients to get orders back on track as soon as possible. We hope you and your loved ones remain safe through this difficult time.
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09 May 2017
Katoen Natie close to start operating its first autonomous truck in Singapore
If the POC (Proof Of Concept) is successful, eleven more Katoen Natie trucks will be equipped with autonomous driving technology.  Elsewhere in the world, including in Europe, experiments by several companies with autonomous trucks have been advanced to implementation stage. There are three phases in the Katoen Natie Singapore development project.  At each stage, the environment and the required technology becomes more complex and challenging.  Phase one of the projects is to operate twelve autonomous trucks in an enclosed area of a petrochemical plant.  "In that phase, trucks are being guided based on transponders installed in the designated driveways" said Koen Cardon, who gave the opening lecture at the Mission of Belgian startup companies ( in the Southeast Asia City state. In the second phase, the transponder system will be replaced by a GPRS system to operate the autonomous trucks within the Jurong Island industrial site. The third and most challenging phase is the introduction of autonomous truck technology on the public road outside the industrial area.
"Truck drivers are hard to find in Singapore.  Most of them are over fifty years old and young people have no desire to become a truck driver."
Katoen Natie is the pioneer of this Singapore Autonomous Truck project and entered into collaboration with the Singapore Management University for the market study of autonomous technology. Katoen Natie did select the Dutch VDL group as the technology partner for this project.  "They are establishing an innovation center in Singapore and are very ambitious here," says the CEO of Katoen Natie Singapore. "Furthermore VDL has already successfully implemented similar projects in Europe." Another very important partner in this Autonomous truck Project is the Singaporean government. This project is strongly supported by the Singapore government as it is in line with the Singapore vision to be at the forefront of innovation and automation. According to Koen Cardon, the government currently has four projects for autonomous vehicles in the pipeline: an autonomous car, a bus, the Katoen Natie project and, last but not least the new Tuas Port project where all transport and container handling will be autonomous.  "We are very proud as Katoen Natie to be one of the Innovation Partners in Singapore" says Koen Cardon. "Autonomous trucks can bring very substantial savings. To operate twelve trucks 24 hours a day and seven days a week, you need four teams of 12 drivers. These drivers will not all be made redundant, but can be assigned to other job functions in our company. With limited availability of trucks drivers in Singapore, moving to autonomous transport is the right path forward. We need a system where transport is more automated." If the autonomous truck project is successful in Singapore, does Antwerp follow?  Koen Cardon is careful: "First, let’s focus on making the project successful in Singapore.  We must be very careful not to create too much complexity."  The CEO explains that it is not that straightforward to duplicate the project elsewhere.  "In Antwerp, for example, the environment is different.   You need to take into account the different weather conditions, snow for example.  You also have a different framework of cooperation with the unions and government authorities in every region whereby it is important to reach consensus with all stakeholders. The conditions can be different by country but the key is the technology and Singapore is the right place to introduce innovative solutions."
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09 May 2017
New logistics and warehousing facility in Baytown, TX (USA)
The site sits on 560 acres of land. A total of 2 million square feet of warehouse space is currently built out along with 530 hopper car spots. In 2017, we will continue expanding, increasing from the 2 million to 2.5 million sq ft if warehouse space and at least 700 hopper car spots. This site ultimately has a master plan of 11 million sq ft of warehousing with 3,000 hopper car spots. It is dual rail served by both the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads, which is in line with Katoen Natie’s philosophy to strategically pursue properties with multiple rail access, thus adding a competitive advantage for our customers. As Katoen Natie, we are looking to incorporate not only petrochemicals into this site, but also our specialty chemicals, consumer goods & industry, process engineering, and other business units. 20 years ago, Katoen Natie began its US operations in Houston with 500,000 sq ft of warehouse space. Now, we operate 5 million sq ft of warehouse space in Houston area, and over 6 million sq ft in the US. Get an insight into Katoen Natie's logistics terminal in TX, USA for the petrochemical industry.
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